March 01, 2024   5:13am

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Our travel writer Susan is sharing some of her more unique online sources with fellow snoety adventurers, so use these links and remember Susan told you! …

Finding unique travel experiences “ be it for dining, art/design, theater, music, retail and more – is essential to making any trip special. It’s not news that there are a plethora of websites, as well as apps, that are today’s go-to sources for all things travel Here are some I’ve found to be unique; they deliver info on the edgy and offbeat:

WORLDWIDE: The slogan for this site is Internet Magazine for Independent Travelers“ with worldwide contributors for a long list of destinations, covering hotels, restaurants, museums, stores and more. Click on Culture Agenda to find out what is happening globally, right now. The categories on the website say it all: Nightlife, Restaurants, Fashion, Travel, Shopping, Pop Culture, Toplists“ for cities worldwide. Under the Super Travel section are maps and reviews for the hippest, most edgy shops around the world, as well as hotels and other recommendations. If you are a power shopper or just interested in great store interiors, this is the site for you. (also an app): Another site with a global reach, whose focus is culture, design, art and tech, with a travel category as well. Although not organized by country, it is a way to keep up with what’s going on. Snoety readers will note I’ve recommended this before“ it’s one of the best sources for what’s-cool-and-going-on-now recommendations in just about any category for most cities worldwide. Things marked Critic’s Choice and Recommended are generally reliable picks. Timeout London and Timeout New Yor are available as apps (but not as expansive as the website info).

LONDON, PARIS, ITALY: (also an app): This British newspaper’s site has excellent info under several categories including Travel and Culture. Although much is about Britain, there is coverage for the rest of Europe as well“ use the search tool to find articles from their archives. In English, designed for expats, this site focuses on arts exhibitions and cultural events, including the offbeat. If going to Paris, also check out, the expat’s blog with tons of Paris restaurant reviews, also with links to more food-related Paris blogs. My newest find is by Terrance Gelenter who’s from New York and San Francisco, but now living in Paris — good info on bistros and more. The English language site for Vogue Italia has good info in the Magazine sections under Books and Travel and Art and Photography. Found here are connections to other sites such as, a new, useful blog, and apps such as: Christie’s Biennale, by the London auction house, focusing on the current Venice Biennale (which runs through November 2012), but with excellent general info (restaurants, travel tips, etc.).

Having started this post, it’s hard to stop, as there are many more“ so I’ll keep adding to the list. In the meantime, share your unusual site sources with us, as well.

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